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If you have a feeling the style and beauty, we offer the prestigious specialty liner gist. Your chance for your personal success story.

* Do you have a feeling the style and beauty?
* Do you have entrepreneurial skills?
* Do you want to help people become happier and more beautiful?

This is your chance! Let me teach you cosmetic pigmentation, and we will help you to fulfill their life goals! Our professional training is very useful. Every minute that you invest for the training, you will be rewarded abundantly.

For many years, the long-term contouring make-up training is not only Germany but also in Lithuania. Do you admire their work? Do you have stamina and resolve to improve? If so, we welcome you.

We cooperate not only with beauticians, but also to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and doctors. Micro pigmentation approach provides the opportunity not only to improve the aesthetic features of the human but hidden defects after surgery or oncological diseases.

If you want to grow as a professional or a desire to acquire a new specialty, we offer long-term contouring makeup specialty. Not regret it! Simply click the menu item "Contact" and get in touch with us, or come to our salon for more information.

Upon completion of training shall be issued a lasting makeup contouring specialist international diploma that gives the opportunity to work in all parts of the world.

We also offer refresher courses to existing long-term contouring makeup specialists.

Training to conduct long-term contouring makeup specialist, master basic Gelvichienė Reda.




Education (English or German shall be issued the license)
5175 Lt
Refresher courses
700-1000 Lt



Long-Time-Liner's® goal is to enable Liner gist’s® to work with the maximum level of precision and to ensure that our customers have a relaxing experience, leading to the best possible results. The company has therefore been continually developing and improving its semi-permanent make-up technology for over 20 years, ever since the company was founded.


Long-Time-Line's technology consists of a controller and a handheld pigmentation device. We believe that our Contour®-Liner Duo represents the absolute state-of-the-art in field of semi-permanent make-up, as have all our previous devices. Our track record of continuous innovation has been honoured with numerous awards, including the Reader's Choice Award 2009/2010 for coming first in the category of semi-permanent make-up.


Precise lines

The handheld pigmentation device works much like a modern ink pen in the sense that, rather than working with drops of ink on the skin, the Liner gist® fills a compartment in the device with the selected colour, and this is then fed in a continuous supply to the tip of the needle. Among the great advantages of this is that the Liner gist® has an unbroken line-of-sight to the area of skin on which she is working, meaning that she can apply the pigment with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Since the pigmentation device makes use of a very thin needle, the ability to have an obscured view of the skin is essential if the best results are to be achieved. The fact that the colour is delivered straight from the handheld device also means that the colour remains clean throughout the procedure. This is not the case with the ink-drop method, which sees the needle repeatedly entering the skin and then travelling back up through the ink, leading unavoidably to swift contamination of the ink reservoir.


Speed and depth

The Liner gist® has full control over two essential aspects of the way the handheld device operates. On the one hand, she can control the speed of the needle, setting at it between 55 and 70 strokes a second. Our research and decades of experience have taught us that frequencies above and below this range lead to imprecision and therefore to substandard results.

On the other hand - and more innovatively - she can control how far the needle projects from the handheld device. This has a direct influence on the amount of colour that is ejected from the device, that is to say, on the flow of colour-flow. Not only does control over these two variables make for greater ease of use, but it also gives the Liner gist® extra control over the outcome of the procedure and over the way the customer will look as a result of it.

Perfect level of control

The handheld pigmentation device is attached to and governed by a controller. Through this, the Liner gist® can select between one of four settings, each pre-programmed for a typical use, before perhaps further changing the settings manually for a perfect level of control. Since Long-Time-Liner distributes any new code as soon as it is developed, the software on the controller always remains fully up-to-date.

The four settings are:

1. Reconvalescent- and cosmetic lip-contouring
2. Camouflage pigmentation and shadowing
3. Eyelash- and eye line augmentation
4. Fine hair formation (for example, after chemotherapy) and eyebrow-hair replacement

After choosing one of these settings, the Liner gist can adjust the length of projection of the needle and also its speed (and therefore its stroke-rate) so that they conform to the pigmentation requirements of the customer to be treated during that session. This enables the achievement of optimal results that often surpass the expectations of customer. Settings can, however, also be selected  without the need for further adjustment, and they do in fact lie in the region of what our experience has shown us are the most commonly required settings.


Since the Long-Time-Liner® handheld pigmentation device is driven by a stroke magnet rather than by a conventional motor, it works completely silently. This enables the Liner gist® to concentrate better on the important task at hand and leads to a more relaxing experience for the customer.


Surgical stainless steel

The needle used in the handheld device as well as various other components are manufactured from surgical stainless steel. This means that they can always be sterilised and reused.

Made in Germany

Germany is home to one of the most innovative and versatile medical-technology industries in the world, as well as being Europe`s largest market for medical devices. Long-Time-Liner® is therefore extremely proud to be able to claim that its medical devices are "Made in Germany



LINER® Conture 2000 colors

LONG-TIME-LINER® Contour 2000 Colours Even the most thorough training and the best devices alone can´t guarantee a pigmentation that lets you shine day for day over the years. We reinvest every year in the third, important component: our Colours, to insure our on-going successful results.

Expertly trained Liner gist® and the best devices go a long way toward guaranteeing semi-permanent make-up that lets you shine day-after-day, year-after-year. But they are not enough. This is why Long-Time-Liner® makes a substantial annual reinvestment every year in the third and and final component required to ensure radiant beauty, that is, our state-of-the-art semi-permanent make-up colours.

Two colour ranges

Long-Time-Liner offers two ranges of colours. The first range is made up of our designer pigmentation colours. These are designed for cosmetic use and are suited to the broadest possible variety of natural skin tones and lip colours.
Over the last two decades we have been constantly perfecting this range to ensure that it covers all conceivable Liner gist® requirements and customer wishes, leading to the most beautiful results and to optimal customer satisfaction.
The second of our two ranges is our Contour® 2000 range of pigmentation colours. They are used for concealing pigmentation and also for customers who prone to allergies. This range is used by, among others, the increasing number of Liner gist® whose work supports that of surgeons in the fields of cosmetic surgery.

We believe that both ranges represent the absolute forefront of development in the respective areas of semi-permanent make-up and pigmentation.


Contour 2000 Colours - technical & chemical background

Long-Time-Liner has experience since the late eighties in the production of permanent make-up colours.

All our pigments are certified to conform to EEC and FDA standards, with heavy metal and organic impurities much below legal requirements.

We do not use azo dyes, most of them are now illegal for permanent make-up or tattoos in Europe. We use inorganic pigments, except for the red lip colours, because there is no bright red or pink inorganic non-poisonous pigment available.

Ion oxides have earthy colours and come in black, red or yellow in their pure form. In permanent make-up colours they are normally blended and then mixed with titanium dioxide. This way you obtain a colour spectrum from dark black over dark brown to red and ochre.